USAMS III - USSTRATCOM Systems and Mission Support

Joint Network Attack Course for USCYBERCOM

  • Cyber Curriculum Instructors at Corry Station, FL
  • Topics include Computer Network Defense, Computer Network Exploitation, Computer Network Attacks, Cyber Operations and Cyber Network Operations, and Offensive Cyber Operations
  • Developed a process for evaluating the effectiveness of the entire CNO curriculum to ensure continuous product improvement
  • Recommend software tools and equipment to run scenarios that simulate the full spectrum of Cyber Operation
  • Coordinate monthly with senior USCYBERCOM leadership, the COR, and on-site surveillance manager to ensure all quality assurance standards are being met.
  • Develop lesson plans for use in training assigned military and civilian personnel analysts on topics related to Cyber Operations planning.
  • Assist in the development of curriculum surrounding the areas of CNO strategy.
  • Research and analyze support operations; policy and planning support; technical and analytical support; technical management of CNO capabilities; information management and software development support.