Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

As a prime contractor, L.C. Wright supports the Modeling and Simulation Agent (MSA-5) effort to provide DIA Operational Net Assessment (ONA) and Effects Based Planning/Effects Based Operations (EBP/EBO) support to Combatant Commands. In addition, L.C. Wright assessed current M&S capability within the Military Infrastructure Office (MIO) and recommended courses of action. L.C. Wright provides dedicated support to the SUDDEN CAPITAL program, which develops modeling and simulation tools and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures that allow intelligence analysts and warfighters to understand and exploit vulnerabilities in the adversary’s interlinked critical infrastructures as a system-of-systems. SUDDEN CAPITAL system-of-systems analysis will provide the capability to understand the cascading effects brought about by disrupting various infrastructure nodes, and will support ONA by providing commanders with a range of kinetic and non-kinetic options. SOSA can not be accomplished without the requisite intelligence information. Effects based planning and operations cannot be accomplished without comprehensive SOSA. L.C. Wright, Inc. has performed several internal power engineering analyses that could assist DIA and other agencies using PowerWorld.