MDA Protocol Technical Lead

Location: Ft Belvoir, VA.

Description:Position Description- The Technical Lead provides daily supervision and direction to support teams across multiple geographical regions, preparing and reviewing written material using Microsoft Office Suite. The Technical Lead is proficient in military customs and courtesies, receptions/receiving line, flag display, rendering of honors, seating arrangements, meal selection, sequence of events, escort duties, planning packages for events, event invitations, event VIP lists. The Technical Lead is responsible for scheduling venues, conference rooms, auditoriums for Agency events using computer based systems. The Technical Lead receives and prioritizes customer requests, matches them against available, resources, schedules and notifies customer of requirements and availability. The Technical Lead schedules/participates in planning meetings, provides input to protocol products including briefings, scripts, invitations, and other forms of written communications. The Technical Lead prepares and reviews written material using Microsoft Office Suite (e.g., diagrams of event venues, event scripts, invitations, announcements, flyers, seating charts, agendas, parking plans, guest lists). The Technical Lead must demonstrate proficient communication skills to include phone, office etiquette and written skills.

Qualifications- The Technical Lead shall have 5 years relevant protocol experience within DoD supporting General Officers/Flag Officers/Senior Executive Service (GO/FO/SES) and/or Garrison, Installation, Base level Commanders. No education substitution is authorized. The Technical Lead must have a BA/BS. No experience substitution is authorized.

E-mail resumes to: L.C. Wright Jobs